Development and structure of MCCG:

Moorland Community Care Group was officially constituted in 2016, and developed from the original Bovey Community Care organisation, following its decision to extend its area of operations to include Buckfastleigh and Ashburton in addition. Each town has its own subsidiary organisation (Bovey Community Care, Ashburton Community Care and Buckfastleigh Community Care) which provides local services to its respective area. Staff contracts, etc. are the responsibility of MCCG itself.


MCCG is managed by a board of locally-recruited Trustees, who are ultimately responsible for its subsidiary organisations. Day-to-day operational management is undertaken by the coordinators based in the three towns, who report to the Trustees.

Relationship to Wellbeing Partnership

MCCG is part of the Wellbeing Partnership, a group of similar voluntary organisations within South Devon which agreed to provide wellbeing services under contracts with the NHS, these having been negotiated by Teignbridge CVS.


MCCG is currently funded in part by its contracts placed through the Wellbeing Partnership, but also by other sources such as donations from local town and county councillors, external grant-awarding bodies, and other donations. Its accounts are structured so that specific donations can be ring-fenced for the benefit of a particular area if the donor has requested this.


Volunteers are recruited via one of the subsidiary organisations to work in that specific area, although all volunteers come under the umbrella of MCCG for insurance purposes. All volunteers are also required to have a DBS check, and to provide two referees. For more details of how to volunteer, click on the specific link to the town in which you wish to work.

How do I know which area represents me?  Where are the geographical boundaries between the three Community Care teams?

Normally these would be the ward or parish boundaries of Bovey, Ashburton and Buckfastleigh. In the case of smaller rural parishes, it would be the nearest adjacent town.

Do you offer transport?  For example, if I needed a car to take me to a hospital appointment?

Not specifically, but we do work closely with dedicated healthcare transport organisations in each town (Riverside Surgery Befrienders, Sharing Buckfastleigh, DASH). We do offer leisure trips out by car, or sometimes by minibus.

Will I be expected to pay a fee, or make a donation?

As a service user there are no specific charges for most of the help we provide, although donations are always welcome as although the service is provided by volunteers, they and the organisation incur costs in doing so. We do ask for payment or donations for some specific activities, for example meals taken at lunch clubs, or leisure trips as above.

What do I do if I am not happy with the service?  For example, if I don’t get on with the volunteer allocated to me?  With whom should I lodge a complaint?  Will it be confidential?

In the first instance, you should raise your concerns with the coordinator who will have introduced you to the volunteer initially. If you are dissatisfied with the response, or have a concern with the coordinator themselves, you should write to the Chairman of Moorland Community Care Group via Contact Us. All complaints will be treated in strict confidence and only shared with those involved.

If I am very happy with the service, how can I express my gratitude?

A few words of appreciation to the volunteer who is allocated to you are always welcome, and you may also wish to express your thanks more formally by writing to the Chairman, as above.

What steps are you taking to maintain confidentiality of your clients’ records?

We are registered with the Information Commissioners Office, and thus subject to the provisions of the Data Protection Act. This means that any information that we hold about you will only be used for the intended purpose, namely to assist us in providing the services that we have agreed with you. Your data will not be shared with any other organisation except where there is a definite need and where it will also be used in confidence (for example, your GP).